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Oil and Gas:

The Oil and Gas Sector is facing a lot of technological, geopolitical and regulatory challenges even as the sector is one that is constantly changing. We work with our clients to envisage change and put in place pre-emptive measures that will ensure constant growth in the face of changing market. This we do by collaborating and sharing insights that will help to reduce cost and increase revenue.

Financial Services:

  • Banking and Capital Market: Banking models are constantly evolving and customer and shareholder expectations are ever increasing. ACN&CO team of professionals can provide you with directives to help you face the challenges and fast track growth.
  • Wealth and Asset Management: This is one of the sectors that is experiencing increase in the volume of transaction and with the regulatory environment becoming even more challenging; there is the need to adopt strategies that will make them to be more effective and efficient for a better financial well-being.
  • Insurance: PKF provides professional services such as audit and advisory to insurance companies. We help insurers succeed by helping them to exploit business opportunities and find sustainable solutions to complex problems.


This is a fast growing sector, and a better understanding of how the industry works is of prime importance. The change is happening faster than ever and companies seeking to secure their markets must try to understand the forces driving the change.

By providing best in class services, we help our clients to explore potential obstacle than can hinder change, identify risk and determine the right course of action for a more sustainable improvement.

Government and Public Sector:

Governments are working in a rapidly changing world. They face many complex issues and are under high pressure to maintain high quality public services and yet deliver meaningful result on a very tight budget that is ever decreasing.

Our team of experts have good understanding of the working of the public sector environment and with insights from our international partners; we help formulate strategies that will help in the much needed transformational change. Together we look for workable and innovative solutions to solve these pressing challenges that will have a lasting impact.

Hospitality and Leisure:

The hospitality sector is a people intensive sector and as such, service excellence is put on high priority. Operating at a period where security challenges are on the rise, businesses have to develop strategies that will help them grow their business against all odds.

At PKF we help with practical approaches to achieve sustainable results. Our team of local and international experts possess an outstanding mix of know-how in the hotel sector and are always ready to provide the professional advice when and where need be.