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Empowering our leaders of tomorrow


At PKF, we have always been committed to investing in our people, harnessing their talent and supporting them to achieve their potential. These priorities lie at the heart of our learning and development strategy.

Back in 2016, we launched our Upcoming Leaders training programme at our Global Gathering in Bali, bringing together 21 of the brightest minds in our global community. Participants worked together over an intensive week of activities to gain a better understanding of each other’s strengths and help shape the vision of our network. We’re so proud that 2016’s rising stars have continued to shine, many of whom have been promoted to senior partners and managing partners within their firms.

Since then, our leadership development offering has expanded, with programmes available under the PKF Leadership Academy catering for all levels of leadership progression.

Our in-house PKF Leadership Development Training programme is aimed at senior managers and directors who are looking to build effectiveness in six key areas essential for leaders in accounting and professional services firms. The training has been designed to be practical, drawing on real experiences and challenges and focusing on group discussion and collaboration to problem solve. Delegates can choose to complete this programme virtually (over a 12-month period) or face-to-face (comprising three days in-person training, with preparatory and follow-up virtual sessions).

Our most recent in-person Leadership Development Training took place before our Global Gathering in Porto in October 2023. Twenty-two delegates from all over the world participated in this year’s programme and enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn together and build relationships with like-minded colleagues from the PKF Global family.

We also run the one-on-one Transformational Leadership Coaching programme, available for anyone interested in developing their leadership skills, simply needing leadership support or when transitioning to a new role. This initiative is led by Sally Burgess, an external executive coach, with a team of experienced coaches who are all accredited by the International Coaching Federation. This coaching programme typically lasts nine months, although a shorter programme is available over a one-to-three-month period, and individuals can join at any time.

All PKF colleagues have access to Mind Tools, a learning and development toolkit which supports personal and professional well-being. With a wealth of content covering topics including leadership, time management and communication skills, this resource provides a valuable flexible learning platform for our members.

We asked Alpesh Vadher, CEO of PKF in Eastern Africa, Chairperson of the PKF in Africa Board and delegate on 2016’s Upcoming Leaders programme, what advice he would give to current participants on PKF Leadership Academy programmes. He said, ‘Leadership is about growth and continuous personal development for yourself and your team members. Ensure you practise continuous learning and make a habit of being hungry for more knowledge. Learn to adapt to the situation and be a keen listener. Never let failure dampen your spirits but learn from it. And remember to relax, be happy and smile.’

Are you interested in developing the necessary skills and attributes to lead yourself, your colleagues and your firm to greater success? Find out more about current professional development opportunities on the PKF Hub.