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German member firms celebrate anniversary

We congratulate member firms PKF WMS Bruns-Coppenrath & Partner (PKF WMS) and PKF Munich which celebrate their 90th and 45th anniversaries respectively.

Today’s PKF WMS Group started 90 years ago as a ‘simple tax office’ and has since developed into a consulting firm that now offers accounting, tax, and legal services to family-owned businesses, medium-sized companies, and self-employed individuals.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “We are very happy to celebrate our 90th anniversary with the PKF Family. The network enables us to support and advise our clients throughout Germany and internationally. We thank members for the trusting cooperation that we have been cultivating and appreciating for 14 years within the network.”

PKF Munich, a partner-managed auditing and tax consultancy firm based in the heart of Munich, offers its clients comprehensive expertise in transport consultancy, real estate and hotel consulting as well as international accounting and corporate finance.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “We are happy to celebrate our 45th anniversary in the PKF Family. With the support of the members, PKF Munich can deliver international service and offer a wide range of accountancy services that meet the needs of individual clients in their local markets. We thank the members for their support over the last 45 years.”

We thank both valued member firms for their continued involvement and collaboration within the PKF Family and look forward to celebrating their future success together.

Watch the anniversary video for PKF WMS here
Watch the anniversary video for PKF Munich here

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